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BIG ADS NYC and BIG ADS RDU are two guys making their way in the world of advertising.
Roger Bentley and Les Brown operate under the philosophy that everything marketers do should be considered a BIG AD, whether it's a TV spot, or an Instagram post. If it's worth doing, it should be done right, no matter the budget, and no matter the size, it should have the impact of a BIG AD.

At the beginning of their careers, Les and Roger served together on the 7th Fleet Flagship, U.S.S. Blue Ridge out of Yokosuka, Japan. Les as a Photographer's Mate shooting photos for the Admiral's staff as well as shipboard activities during combat exercises Roger served as an Illustrator Draftsman aboard Blue Ridge doing layout and design for the publications Les's photos were published in. Today they facilitate a number of advertising and design projects for clients throughout the U.S.

Call them if you need a successful marketing campaign.

In the Raleigh Durham area call Les at 919-418-5711

In the New York / New England area call Roger at 917-445-6205

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